Create. Show. Take a bow!
This is your time to shine.

Send us pictures of your masterpieces for display on this page. They can be of the actual creatures pictured in your set, or of totally new creations you pictured inside your head. Either way, whether they’re off the page or off the wall, we invite you to show them off.

Give them names, if you’d like. And remember to include your name, as well as your age and location to
You’re an artist, now you can be a star too!
Émile | 6
lion camera
Émile | 6
turtle from another dimension
Charles | 12
not sure
Claude | 48
cubicle beast
Laurent | 28
mexican creatures
Felix | 7
dino crusher
Tommy | 6
3 headed lion
Thomas | 7
long neck abyssal
Samuel | 7
Felix | 7
long neck dragon
Charles | 11
snake lizard
Your creation
Your name | Age | City, Country
Your creation
Your name | Age | City, Country